July 29, 2006

ODF, Openness and Accessibility

Author: Andy Updegrove

Anonymous Reader writes "On July 27, the OASIS announced that the first draft update of ODF (version 1.1) had been posted for public comment. This draft is more than usually significant, since it seeks to assist those that implement ODF make their applications more accessible to those with disabilities. After early concerns were expressed about the accessibility of ODF-compliant applications, there has been a great deal of effort expended, both within OASIS and elsewhere, on closing the gap between ODF supporting applications and Microsoft Office, further to a commitment by those involved to not only equal, but exceed Office in accessibility. Those efforts included formation of an accessibility subcommittee within the OASIS ODF Technical Committee charged with addressing accessibility needs within ODF. Like all other OASIS committee work (but unlike committee work at Ecma, where the OpenXML specification is being developed), all comments, minutes and other data is open and public, which will allow the community of the disabled to make their thoughts known throughout the further development of ODF."
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