March 8, 2002

OEone HomeBase 1.2 software for Internet Computer

Author: JT Smith

Mike Potter writes: "OEone Corporation, a leading developer of Internet device software, announced today the first release of its HomeBase product as a software-only distribution that can be installed on a wide range of PC hardware.

OEone has also introduced to its supported hardware line the ASUS Terminator Internet Computer, a small footprint micro-tower and a significant price cut on the existing all-in-one system from Future Power. Both systems ship fully configured with HomeBase 1.2.

New improvements include expanded multimedia and optimized PALM Synchronization. Existing customers running those versions can auto update to HomeBase 1.2, now deployed on OEone's production servers.

"Thanks to our continuing aggressive schedule, the release of OEone HomeBase 1.2 represents a significant milestone for the company. This software was specifically designed for advanced users wishing to configure their own Internet Computer. HomeBase 1.2 will make it fun and easy for those users to select and buy a compatible machine from our extensive list of supported hardware and install the software on their own." said Eid EID, President and CEO, OEone Corp. "Less technically inclined customers still have the flexibility of buying a fully configured system directly from OEone."

"Since the initial release of HomeBase, software developers and Open Source enthusiasts have been asking for a software-only version they can experiment with. Our latest release significantly broadens the landscape of hardware that HomeBase supports, lowering the barrier for early adopters," said Peter Bojanic, Vice-president of Software, OEone Corp. "The latest version of HomeBase improves greatly upon our earlier release, delivering several feature enhancements and usability improvements."

OEone's HomeBase Operating Environment

OEone HomeBase software is the industry's first operating environment to fully integrate Linux, an XML based Webtop, and applications with targeted system hardware. OEone's distinctive platform sets a new benchmark in software integration, performance, and ease-of-use for the Internet Entertainment Computing market. OEone HomeBase comprises the Linux Operating System, a Mozilla browser-based Webtop, and a variety of applications including personal productivity, entertainment, communications, personal portal, and TV viewer. OEone HomeBase also includes backup services, free software upgrades for one year, and 100MB of server-side storage.

The FuturePower AIO ® Internet Computer
This all-in-one computer has a sleek and compact design that integrates the main processing unit and a 17" CRT monitor. It also integrates a cable-ready TV tuner, 10/100-Ethernet, and a 56Kbps modem, allowing out-of-the box connection to most broadband or dial-up ISPs. It's simple to setup just plug in power, keyboard, mouse, and Internet connection.

The ASUS ® Terminator Internet Computer

This micro-tower computer incorporates high-quality components and flexible options in a stylish, and compact housing. Its internal swivel design allows easy access to major components, even by novice users. Its fully integrated design provides 3D Video, Audio, LAN, Modem, and USB right out of the box.

Both the AIO and the Terminator have a customized User Interface to match their design and the drivers were tuned to run their particular hardware. Just plug it in and a few minutes later you're ready to surf the web, check your email, listen to music, play games, and watch TV.

Pricing and Availability
The OEone HomeBase 1.2 software comes with free software upgrades for one year and 100MB of server-side storage. The package sells for a suggested retail price (SRP) of US $29.

The FuturePower AIO price with integrated 17" CRT display and built-in TV tuner now has a list price of US $649, down from US $799. The new pricing gives OEone's Internet computer more than a 20% price advantage compared to similarly equipped Windows PCs.

The ASUS Terminator Internet Computer starts at an SRP of US $399. This is a fully upgradeable micro-tower. Standard options are TV tuner card, which lists at US $49, and a Philips 15" Active LCD panel at US $379.

All products are available now from OEone's webstore at

About OEone Corporation
OEone is a leading software developer creating a fully integrated Operating Environment for the emerging Internet computer market. The company was founded by Eid Eid, former VP of Technology of Corel Corporation, and President of Corel Computer. The company is leveraging the open-source software movement including the Linux Operating System and Mozilla to deliver a software platform for manufacturers and OEMs to power the next generation of Internet computers. The platform will deliver entertainment and personal productivity applications, personalized content aggregation, ISP and ASP services. For more information, please visit our Web site at

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