August 23, 2002

OEone joins lead groupware

Corporation, a leading developer of Linux based software applications,
announced today their commitment to participate in the Groupware
Project. The effort aims to establish standards-compliant groupware solutions
that will work from within the office suite and permit an
easy migration from the existing StarOffice 5.2 mail, news, schedule, and
schedule server system.
"Robust and readily available Linux applications are rapidly coming
to maturity and we’re starting to see them make their mark with mainstream
users," said Eid EID, President & CEO of OEone Corporation. "The open-source
community was founded on the premise of sharing source code and now we’re
seeing the collaboration among key Linux stakeholders as a natural and
rewarding next step.”

OEone's participation in the Groupware project will
be an example of what can result when the open-source community works jointly
on open-source projects like the Mozilla project and the
project. OEone contributed the major portion of the Mozilla Calendar. The groupware project has also contributed to the Mozilla Calendar.
The next logical step is to integrate  calendar data  into

Gary Frederick, Project Lead for the Groupware project,
said, "OEone knows how to add  applications into Mozilla. Their integration
of Abiword is an example of how they successfully accomplished the blending
of two open-source applications for mainstream use. has
also worked with Mozilla in the past. The Abzilla project included both
Mozilla developers and developers who worked together to
achieve a successful release. OEone's participation in the
project will guarantee another successful example of varied stakeholders
collaborating on open-source projects. OEone's knowledge and expertise
in Mozilla and the code they have contributed will ensure that we can use
calendar information in's software. Their experience will
also ensure that parts of can be dynamically integrated  
from Mozilla."

About OEone Corporation

is rapidly positioning itself to be the market leader for software that
enables an easy-to-use, fully-integrated, and rich Internet experience.
OEone's unique Operating Environment (OE) can power a host of Internet
devices ranging from high-resolution handheld computers, Web tablets, and
screen phones, to high-end All-In-One entertainment devices. The Operating
Environment ensures that Internet devices deliver the simplicity of a consumer
electronics product while providing rich Internet functionality and the
personal productivity and multimedia applications typical of desktop computers.

OEone's platform harnesses the strength of the Linux OS (optimized
for the Operating Environment), the Mozilla Browser, the Apache Web Server,
GNU tools, and other key open-source technologies. OEone brings new value
to the industry by integrating these key components into an Operating Environment
that is fully accessible to all users with an easy-to-use Web-based Graphic
User Interface (GUI).
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