September 14, 2012

Office-Proof Collaboration from Zarafa, Powered by Mandriva

Mandriva announces the immediate availability of its integrated offering in partnership with Zarafa.

Zarafa is the Microsoft Exchange replacement for Linux servers, which allows users to share e-mails, calendars and contacts using Outlook or a web access. The integration includes a specific installation and configuration wizard as well as the possibility to manage Zarafa users in the Mandriva Directory Server (MDS) of MES5.
Combining Mandriva Enterprise Server and Zarafa Professional Edition, Mandriva and Zarafa are building on the partnership they had entered in 2011 to deliver a fully integrated solution that offers a cost effective, ready to use and enterprise-class groupware platform to businesses and administrations.

Mandriva offers Zarafa dedicated packages including support for Mandriva Enterprise Server 5 (MES 5), a server for mid-sized enterprise customers. Zarafa also ships the Zarafa web access, a web-based groupware interface with a look-and-feel like Microsoft® Outlook™, allowing users to become accustomed quickly. Moreover, with the Active Directory™ plug-in, Zarafa can be easily integrated in an existing Windows network. 

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