June 24, 2003

Official newsletter of the Linux Liberation Army

Joe Barr writes "TRIPLE 3 RANCH, TEXAS, June 24, 2003 -- -- The Linux Liberation Army announced today that as of July 4th, The Dweebspeak Primer (DSP) will become its official subscription-based newsletter.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, Linux Liberation Army Corporal-for-life Joe Barr, who is also the founder of the DSP, said the newsletter is the result
of two new business models.

The first model belongs to the new owners of LinuxWorld.com. That model does not believe in paying for content, hence the departure of Nicholas Petreley and Barr for greener pastures. The second business model is that of The Dweebspeak Primer. It does not believe in paying for needless infrastructure. The DSP newsletter promises no ads, no spam, no nagging. Just pure content direct to subscribers on a regular weekly basis."

Link: pjprimer.com

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