June 24, 2005

Offshore software development outsourcing through

PRESS RELEASE - Vikas Lohar writes "Offshore Software Development outsourcing was extended by Inkorus—a global technology firm—to South Korea as a representative of non-English speaking countries. Inkorus has extended and validated its proprietary offshore software development process — IGlobeRevolve™—to South Korea.

Inkorus tested this model using a Korean workforce through its Inkorus Trans-National Internship Program (ITIP). Under this program, Inkorus established a Korean workforce to work out of its Pune, India offices to carry out software development projects for its Korean clients. This program was led by Mr. Minsuk Kim from Inkorus’s Global Consulting Center, Seoul, South Korea and Dr. Vikas V Gupta from Inkorus’s Global Technology Center, Pune, India.

During the program IGlobeXchange™Inkorus’s proprietary technology framework for supporting IGlobeRevolve™offshore software development process & Client Interaction Process—was reframed for the Korean markets.

A number of Inkorus software products were also adapted for the Korean markets. Inkorus’s Localization & Internationalization capabilities or IGlocalization™ as they term it were also validated for the Asian markets.

The program has been conducted jointly by Inkorus Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. (www.inkorus.com), an offshore outsourcing company; Small & Medium Enterprise Support Division Korea, Gyeonggi; Small & Medium Business Center, Gyeonggi World Trade Center, Suwon with International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT), Pune.

Small & Medium Enterprise Support Division Korea has been represented by Mr. Han, Jeon Giloo while Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business center, Gyeonggi World Trade Center, Suwon has been represented by Mr. Jeason Kim.

The program was designed by Inkorus Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd. (www.inkorus.com) for a virtual team to work in a multi-national, multi-lingual and across global teams in a virtual and distributed development environment.

Objective of ITIP was to validate the global delivery model in a non-English environment to:

• Understand offshore software development, offshore outsourcing.
Offshore IT Outsourcing
• Understand offshore application development which includes
.Net Application Development
Java Application Development
ASP Application Development
PHP Application Development
Smart Client Application Development

This project was completed successfully by the international team under guidance of Dr. Vikas V Gupta, CEO- Inkorus. Speaking about this project Dr. Vikas Gupta said,” This is an important milestone for Inkorus and will help us bring the benefits of offshore outsourcing, in general, and offshore software development, in particular, to the Asian Continent—specifically South Korea and Japan.”

About Inkorus Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. (www.inkorus.com)
Inkorus Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an Offshore Software Development Company specializing in.Net Application Development, Java Application Development, ASP Application Development, PHP Application Development, Smart Client Application Development, Offshore IT Outsourcing & Offshore IT Consulting.Inkorus has partnered with several international companies & global clients spread throughout Asia, Europe and North America to provide Offshore IT Consulting & Offshore IT Solutions. Inkorus is also focusing on Business Process Automation (BPA)."

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