September 5, 2006

Old PC To New Router With Gentoo Linux

Don’t throw that old PC away just yet, it still has some life in it yet. No matter how bad your old PC is it can always be used as a router, and your old router as a switch. All you need is two nic cards for it. Originally I did this on a Pentium 3 with 256 MBs of memory. I had that setup for around 6 months before the computer finally died. Never quite figured it out but it was either the processor or the mother board. But anyways on with the show. I will be setting this up on an AMD 3200 XP processor with one gigabyte of memory, an nForce 2 chipset and 450 gigs of hard drive space. The linux distribution I’m using is going to be Gentoo linux. Assuming you’ve already got the system setup and running correctly we will start with kernel configuration. Don’t freak out it’s not that hard to do.



  • Linux
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