January 29, 2002

Olliance Consulting Group to lead Open Source study

Author: JT Smith

J.M. Weathersby writes: "Olliance Consulting Group has been selected by the Open-Source Software Institute
(OSSI) to lead a coalition of industry vendors in a study of open-source technology?s
feasibility for the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO)."
Open-Source Software Institute (OSSI), a non-profit organization comprised of
high-tech industry, government agency and academic entity representatives, recently
entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the
Naval Oceanographic Office, based at Stennis Space Center.
purpose of this CRADA is to facilitate an exchange of information between NAVOCEANO
and OSSI that will (1) produce a technical study concerning the application
of open-source software at NAVOCEANO, (2) engage the application of open-source
software methodologies and techniques to the vast repositories of application
software at NAVOCEANO, (3) provide access to the Government of the intellectual
capabilities of OSSI and the open-source industry, and (4) provide a beta test
site for the concepts and procedures of OSSI.
selected the Olliance Consulting Group to lead the NAVOCEANO study because of
their expertise in the business, financial and technical aspects of open-source
technologies and their relations with the community and industry vendors,? said
John Weathersby, OSSI chairman. ?We are confident in Olliance?s ability to
lead a diverse team of research and industry experts to produce an objective
report as part of the CRADA?s results.?
OSSI/NAVOCEANO CRADA team will consist of technical and business systems experts
from participating OSSI member representatives.
are excited with the opportunity to lead the OSSI team on this CRADA project
with the Navy,? said Andrew Aitken, Olliance Consulting Group?s managing partner.
?The scope of this project allows us to fully utilize our expertise in technology
assessment, ROI analysis and systems migration. We also look forward to working
with a variety of industry representatives to demonstrate open-source technology?s
viability in a DOD environment.?
CRADA study was initiated in November 2001. The study is expected to take up
to nine months to complete.
Software Institute
Open-Source Software Institute is a non-profit organization established to promote
the development and implementation of open-source software solutions within
Federal and State government agencies and academic entities. For more information
contact: http://www.oss-institute.org.

Consulting Group
Consulting Group is a leading professional services firm enabling corporations
and government organizations to understand and leverage the business and technology
value of Open Source technologies. Olliance Consulting Group blends experienced
Open Source and proprietary technical and strategic experts within a proven
engagement framework to advise, develop, and implement appropriate Open Source
solutions. For more information contact: http://www.olliancegroup.com.
Oceanographic Office
(www.navo.navy.mil) primary mission is to
collect and analyze data on the world?s oceans for the Navy and other Department
of Defense agencies. As host to one of the world?s largest supercomputing centers
and the world?s largest oceanographic library, NAVOCEANO gathers information
by airborne, surface and subsurface platforms deployed worldwide. The information
is then provided as a wide variety of products and services to the Joint Warfighters
in all mission areas.
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