November 12, 2007

OLPC XO laptops publicly available today

Author: Lisa Hoover

Beginning today, anyone interested in getting an XO computer through the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program has a chance to grab one. The Give One, Get One (G1G1) program is open to US and Canadian residents who want to purchase one XO laptop for themselves for $399.

Order between today and November 26, and you'll receive one of the green and white laptop computers. The other will be sent on your behalf to a child in a developing nation. US donors will also receive free access for one year to T-Mobile wireless hotspots located throughout the country.

Donors may buy multiple units, however the price does not include shipping, handling, and sales tax. Although OLPC hopes to ship the laptops in time for the holidays, it cannot guarantee delivery.

Organizations are also encouraged to participate in the G1G1 program via Give Many, designed to let participants decide where the bulk of their donated units are sent.

Although delivery is limited to the US and Canada, payment can be made via Paypal from anywhere in the world. OLPC News editor Wayan Vota came up with a way for people living outside the delivery area to participate in the G1G1 program and receive a laptop of their own via a special arrangement with UPS.

The OLPC program has had its share of ups and downs since its inception by entrepreneur Nicholas Negroponte. The nation of Uruguay recently became the first country to purchase the laptops for its children, and mass production of the units has already begun.


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