February 22, 2002

One more 2.4.18 release candidate prepatch

Author: JT Smith

Marcello Tosatti has just announced the fourth release candidate for the Linux 2.4.18 kernel. According to Marcello, "something really bad (for some non-x86 archs) appeared up, so here goes rc4." You can get the latest kernels from Kernel.org.

From:	 Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo@conectiva.com.br>
To:	 lkml <linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org>
Subject: Linux 2.4.18-rc4
Date:	 Fri, 22 Feb 2002 09:19:59 -0200 (BRST)


Unfortunately something really bad (for some non-x86 archs) appeared up,
so here goes rc4.


- Load code did not set personality for
  binaries without an interpreter: This was 
  breaking static apps on several archs		(Tom Gall)


- Fix reiserfs endianess problems		(Chris Mason) 
- Fix PowerMac compilation problem 		(Pmac team)
- Fix some eepro100 ID's which had problems 
  in -ac merge					(Jeff Garzik)
- Rename some internal pcnet32 definitions to
  not clash with ethtool.h - the clash caused 
  the driver not work correctly			(William Lee Irwin)
- Add missing netif_carrier_{on,off} to
  eepro100					(Andrew Morton)
- Fix netfilter race				(Rusty Russell)
- Correct error handling on tcp_recvmsg		(Alexey Kuznetsov)
- Revert tulip changes which were apparently
  causing slowdowns				(Jeff Garzik) 
- Fix ptrace behaviour				(Linus Benedict Torvalds)


- Make get_user_pages handle VM_IO areas
  gracefully					(Manfred Spraul)
- Fix SMP race on PID allocation		(Erik A. Hendriks)
- Fix SMP race on dnotify scheme		(Alexander Viro)
- Add missing checks to shmem_file_write	(Alan Cox)

- PPC MPC8260 update				(Tom Rini)
- eepro100 fixes				(Jeff Garzik)
- Make natsemi hardware workaround a config 
  option					(Jeff Garzik)
- Add serial board PCI ID			(Jeff Garzik)
- Add support for another tulip clone		(Jeff Garzik)
- Fix typo in winbond driver			(Jeff Garzik)
- Move initialization of tridentfb before 
  the generic drivers				(Geert Uytterhoeven)
- Reiserfs bugfixes				(Oleg Drokin)
- More __devexit_p assorted fixes		(Andrew Morton)
- Merge some -ac bugfixes			(Alan Cox)


- Cris update					(Bjorn Wesen)
- SPARC update					(David S. Miller)
- Remove duplicate CONFIG_SUNLANCE entry in 
  Config.in					(David S. Miller)
- Change Netfilter maintainer 			(David S. Miller)
- More SunGEM bugfixes				(David S. Miller)
- Update md5sums in ISDN's md5sums.asc		(Kai Germaschewski)
- 3ware driver update				(Adam Radford)
- Fix cosa compile problem			(Adrian Bunk)
- Change VIA "disabling write queue" message	(Oliver Feiler)
- Remove buggy Elan-specific handling code	(Robert Schwebel)
- Reiserfs bugfixes				(Oleg Drokin)
- Fix ppp memory leak				(Andrew Morton)
- Really add devfs fix for removable devices: 
  its on pre8 changelog but not on pre8 patch	(me)
- Add framebuffer support for trident graphics
  card						(James Simmons)
- SCSI tape driver bugfixes			(Kai Makisara)
- Add support to Ovislink card on 8139too
  driver					(Jeff Garzik)
- Add SIOCxMIIxxxx ioctls for better binary 
  compatibility on au1000_eth driver		(Jeff Garzik)
- Fix initialization of phy on epic100 driver	(Jeff Garzik)
- Add MODULE_* info to mii.c 			(Jeff Garzik)
- Add new PCI ID to sundance driver		(Jeff Garzik)
- Merge some -ac3 patches			(Alan Cox)
- Unify simple_strtol symbol export		(Russell King)
- Add amount of cached memory to sysreq-m 
  output					(Martin Knoblauch)
- Do not use SCSI device type to change
  IO clustering					(Jens Axboe)
- IRC conntrack update				(Harald Welte)
- sonypi driver update				(Stelian Pop)
- Fix one of the PPP deadlocks			(Manfred Spraul)


- Add missing netfilter files in pre7 		(David S. Miller)
- SunGEM driver update				(David S. Miller)
- Kill get_fast_time				(David S. Miller)
- Update APIC LVTERR fix to work correctly on 
  old 486/586 APICs				(Mikael Pettersson)
- Check the return code of copy_{from,to}_user
  on serial code				(Rasmus Andersen)
- Mark 2.5 extended attributes system calls as 
  reserved to avoid potential conflicts		(Nathan Scott)
- Change Christoph Hellwig's email address	(Christoph Hellwig)
- Make BLKGETSIZE64 return size in bytes not 
  sectors					(Eric Sandeen)
- Coda dentry revalidation fix			(Jan Harkes)
- hisax_fcpcipnp driver update			(Kai Germaschewski)
- i810 sound driver update			(Doug Ledford)
- Early personality setting in binfmt_elf	(Christoph Hellwig)
- Fix rename bug in reiserfs			(Oleg Drokin)
- SCSI documentation update			(Douglas Gilbert)
- Fix silly typo in megaraid driver 		(Arjan Van de Ven)
- PPC update					(Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
- USB bug fixes					(Greg KH)
- Fix devfs problems with removable devices	(Richard Gooch)
- Merge -ac1 fixes				(Alan Cox)
- VXFS update					(Christoph Hellwig)
- Add Compaq FC array to the LUN whitelist	(Arjan Van de Ven) 


- Make ext2/minix/sysvfs actually operate
  synchronously on directories when using
  the sync mount option				(Andrew Morton)
- AFFS update					(Roman Zippel)
- Fix 3dfx fb crash with high pixelclock 	(Jurriaan on Alpha)
- PATH_MAX POSIX compliance			(Rusty Russell)
- Really apply AMD Elan patch			(me)
- Don't drop IP packets with less than 8 bytes 
  of payload 					(David S. Miller)
- Netfilter update 				(Netfilter team)
- Backport 2.5 sb_bread() changes		(Alexander Viro)
- Fix AF_UNIX fd leak				(David S. Miller)
- Add Audigy Gameport PCI ID	 		(Daniel Bertrand)
- Sync with ia64 arch independant parts		(Keith Owens)
- APM fixes					(Stephen Rothwell)
- fs/super.c cleanups				(Alexander Viro)


- Removed patch in icmp code: its
  not needed and causes problems                (me)


- Include missing radeonfb defines		(Erik Andersen)
- Fix fs/buffer.c thinko introduced in pre4	(Andrew Morton)
- USB bugfixes					(Greg KH)
- Make fat work correctly with gcc-3.0.x 	(Tom Rini)
- Avoid overusage of the vmalloc area by 
  NTFS						(Anton Altaparmakov)
- atyfb: Decrease clock rate for 3d RAGE XL 	(David S. Miller)
- Sungem driver bugfixes			(David S. Miller)
- More networking updates			(David S. Miller)
- More SPARC updates				(David S. Miller)
- devfs update 					(Richard Gooch)
- Reiserfs expanding truncate fix		(Chris Mason)
- ext3 update					(Andrew Morton/Stephen Tweedie)
- Add support to WDIOC_SETTIMEOUT on several
  watchdog drivers				(Joel Becker)
- dl2k driver update				(Jeff Garzik)
- Orinoco driver update				(David Gibson)
- Radeonfb driver update			(Ani Joshi)
- Avoid free_swap_and_cache() from leaving 
  freeable pages on the cache			(Hugh Dickins)
- Add workarounds for AMD Elan processors	(Robert Schwebel)
- Random pmac driver bugfixing			(Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
- emu10k1 driver update				(Rui Sousa)


- Networking updates				(David S. Miller)
- clgenfb update				(Jeff Garzik)
- 8139cp: make it faster			(Jeff Garzik)
- 8139too: fix bugs, add experimental RX reset	(Jeff Garzik)
- Add MII ethtool interface and change 
  several drivers to support that		(Jeff Garzik)
- Fix ramdisk corruption problems		(Andrea Arcangeli) 	
- Correct in-kernel MS_ASYNC behaviour 
  on msync/fsync()				(Andrew Morton)
- Fix PLIP problems 				(Niels Jensen)
- Fix problems triggered by the "fsx test" 
  on smbfs					(Urban Widmark)
- Turn on OOSTORE for IDT winchip		(from -ac tree)
- Fix iphase crash				(from -ac tree)
- Fix crash with two mxser cards		(from -ac tree)
- Fix tty write block bug			(from -ac tree)
- Add mono/stereo detect to gemtek pci radio	(from -ac tree)
- Fix sf16fmi crash on load			(from -ac tree)
- add CP1250 (windows eastern european) 
  translation table				(from -ac tree)
- cs46xx driver update				(from -ac tree)
- Fix rare data loss case with RAID-1		(Ingo Molnar)
- Add 2.5.x compatibility for the kdev_t
  changes					(me)
- SPARC updates					(David S. Miller)


- Cris arch merge				(Bjorn Wesen)
- Finish PPC merge				(Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
- Add Dell PowerEdge 2400 to 
  "use BIOS to reboot" blacklist		(Arjan van de Ven)
- Avoid potential oops at module unload with 
  cyclades driver				(Andrew Morton)
- Gracefully handle SCSI initialization 
  failures					(Pete Zaitcev)
- USB update					(Greg KH)
- Fix potential oops while ejecting ide cds 	(Zwane Mwaikambo)
- Unify page freeing codepaths 			(Benjamin LaHaise)
- Miata dma corruption workaround 		(Richard Henderson)
- Fix vmalloc corruption problem on machines 
  with virtual dcaches				(Ralf Baechle)
- Reiserfs fixes				(Oleg Drokin)
- DiskOnChip driver update			(David Woodhouse)
- Do not inherit page locking rules across 
  fork/exec					(Dave Anderson)
- Add DRM 4.0 for XFree 4.0 users convenience	(Christoph Hellwig)
- Replace .text.lock with .subsection 		(Keith Owens)
- IrDA bugfixes					(Jean Tourrilhes)


- APIC LVTERR fixes				(Mikael Pettersson)
- Fix ppdev ioctl oops and deadlock		(Tim Waugh)
- parport fixes					(Tim Waugh)
- orinoco wireless driver update		(David Gibson)
- Fix oopsable race in binfmt_elf.c 		(Alexander Viro)
- Small sx16 driver bugfix			(Heinz-Ado Arnolds)
- sbp2 deadlock fix 				(Andrew Morton)
- Fix JFFS2 write error handling		(David Woodhouse)
- Intermezzo update				(Peter J. Braam)
- Proper AGP support for Intel 830MP chipsets	(Nicolas Aspert)
- Alpha fixes					(Jay Estabrook)
- 53c700 SCSI driver update			(James Bottomley)
- Fix coredump mmap_sem deadlock on IA64	(David Mosberger)
- 3ware driver update				(Adam Radford)
- Fix elevator insertion point on failed 
  request merge					(Jens Axboe)
- Remove bogus rpciod_tcp_dispatcher definition (David Woodhouse)
- Reiserfs fixes				(Oleg Drokin)
- de4x5 endianess fixes				(Kip Walker)
- ISDN CAPI cleanup				(Kai Germaschewski)
- Make refill_inactive() correctly account 
  progress					(me)


- S390 merge					(IBM)
- SuperH merge					(SuperH team)
- PPC merge					(Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
- PCI DMA update				(David S. Miller)
- radeonfb update 				(Ani Joshi)
- aty128fb update				(Ani Joshi)
- Add nVidia GeForce3 support to rivafb		(Ani Joshi)
- Add PM support to opl3sa2			(Zwane Mwaikambo)
- Basic ethtool support for 3com, starfire
  and pcmcia net drivers			(Jeff Garzik)
- Add MII ethtool interface			(Jeff Garzik)
- starfire,sundance,dl2k,sis900,8139{too,cp},
  natsemi driver updates			(Jeff Garzik)
- ufs/minix: mark inodes as bad in case of read
  failure					(Christoph Hellwig)
- ReiserFS fixes				(Oleg Drokin)
- sonypi update					(Stelian Pop)
- n_hdlc update					(Paul Fulghum)
- Fix compile error on aty_base.c		(Tobias Ringstrom)
- Document cpu_to_xxxx() on kernel-hacking doc  (Rusty Russell)
- USB update					(Greg KH)
- Fix sysctl console loglevel bug on 
  IA64 (and possibly other archs)		(Jesper Juhl) 
- Update Athlon/VIA PCI quirks			(Calin A. Culianu)
- blkmtd update					(Simon Evans)
- boot protocol update (makes the highest 
  possible initrd address available to the 
  bootloader)					(H. Peter Anvin)
- NFS fixes					(Trond Myklebust)

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