June 17, 2005

One Year With SuSE

Longhorn's on the way, a new MS Office (2006) is also down the road reminding me of the time when XP (2002) was coming, some IT managers didn't hesitate to decide to upgrade their staff's PCs, but many others hesitated, as a senior training specialist I sometimes train and advice decision-makers on whether it's the right time to upgrade, many didn't see the point of upgrading if everything was running fine and smooth, they argued on whether the new features of MS Office for example were worth while to upgrade, I mean let's face it, apart from Outlook, MS Office 2000 was/is already a very mature product, is it worth upgrading for sake of speech technology has been added for Word XP and PowerPoint XP can have more than one design per presentation? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against upgrades, it's just that the overall majority of my corporate students don't bother to use theses new additions or that there are policies against using microphones in the office for example.

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