January 17, 2006

Online doceboCMS e LMS

Claudio Erba writes "Docebo Project is a new integrated Open Source Content management and E-Learning platform born as alternative to the various *Nuke Mambo/Joomla projects.

Lot of users ask to a more flexible system that allow to create web content,manage reserved areas, users groups and user catalogation fields in a easy way, that's why the docebo project is born.

In the docebo projects there are also 2 r&d activities:

- Accessibility project for disabilities
- Open Source Videoconference projects for social interaction

You can learn more (and of course download) about docebo CMS and E-Learning there:

http://www.docebolms.org/ [E-Learning]
http://www.docebocms.org/ [Content Management]"

Link: docebolms.org

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