November 15, 2012

OnLive Makes Good On Its Promise, Brings Its Cloud Gaming Service To LG’s G2 Smart TVs


These days OnLive is probably known as much for its unexpected meltdown as it is for its promise to deliver streaming video games to the masses, but ever since the company reformed it seems to have returned to business as usual.

To wit: the folks behind the cloud gaming service have made good on an old promise to integrate OnLive with the Korean company’s new line of Google-friendly G2 Smart TVs.

If you happen to be a G2 TV owner, you may already have been nagged to install the necessary update, and the OnLive app will be pre-installed on all LG G2s going forward. Of course, there is a catch here — those current and future can’t actually start playing the games in OnLive’s catalog until they purchase one of the company’s (rather odd looking) wireless controllers first.

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