Only Openness Can Power Next Wave Of Human Progress


When the Web was developed, it wasn’t particularly planned out, it wasn’t an incremental change to an existing product, it was something quite new, and became an unplanned mass movement. We’re all fortunate; because the Web emerged from an academic environment, it came out very open and free.

The Web was a new way of looking at information, a technology with lots of possibilities. Now we can look back and see how fast it’s grown, how different it’s become, how many changes have happened and what new ideas have occurred. All of that is because we’ve been able to draw on all of human ingenuity to try new things, not just one central idea determining what we could try.

Openness is important, not only for the Web and technology but also for the human experience. Openness provides the ability to set the rules for ourselves or experiment and work to create a better experience. 

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