February 7, 2002

The only way to know if your computer is really secure

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes: "You think that your computer or network is really secure? There really is only one way to find out if it really is secure or not, and that is to attack your own computer the way a cracker does. That all sounds pretty good, but what if you don't have the tools or the knowledge to do the job? You could get a cracker to try to hack into your system for you, but is that really safe? If he actually gets in, will you be certain that he will get out and stay out?

Never fear, there are several services that can check your system for security holes and vulnerabilities for you. Most are free and there are also some subscription services that will perform a routine security audit on your system on a regular basis. Here are a few services that will tax your security, or lack of it, to the limits.

Story at Linux Box Security"


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