February 22, 2001

OnWOW announces WCTP based gateway for paging

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes "OnWOW, Inc., a maker of software products for end-to-end wireless integration, announced its PagerFeed gateway for paging and wireless carriers. PagerFeed implements the Wireless Communications Transfer Protocol (WCTP) standard, and allows application data to be pulled from or pushed to a wireless device.

Paging and wireless carriers use PagerFeed to allow their customers to use inexpensive wireless devices as mobile terminals for their applications. Today wireless devices such as mobile phones, or two-way pagers are widely available, inexpensive, and provide extensive functionality. An example is a Motorola T-900 two-way pager. With a full keyboard, two-way messaging, and a price of $99 this device is an optimal choice for a mobile terminal. However, to actually build support for this kind of device in an application requires that the wireless carrier offer gateway access to their wireless network.

With PagerFeed, either a client application or a wireless device can initiate a transaction. A clientâs transaction in the form of an XML contract is translated and delivered to the wireless device. A wireless deviceâs request is translated into an XML contract and delivered to a clientâs application. Client and host applications can be developed with OnWOWâs other products, or by using third-party tools."

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