October 9, 2001

Open for Business launches

Author: JT Smith

Universal Networks unveiled Open for Business, a new resource for IT
workers today. Open for Business aims to provide IT workers with information to assist in
migrating to open source tools such as Linux and Apache. Some of the resources available at launch
included articles and discussion forums.
According to Universal Networks CEO Timothy R. Butler, Open for Business was launched because many
businesses are "interested in moving to Linux and open source technologies, but they need assitance." Butler continued "They need a resource of how-to's, commentary, reviews, and news to assist them in transitioning from
proprietary operating systems to Linux."

You can visit Open for Business by going to http://open.uninetsolutions.com.

Universal Networks operates a varied network of sites including Uninet Perl Company which
offers open source scripts and consulting, the FaithTree.com customizable Christian portal,
and Open for Business, an open source migration information community. You can reach Uninet
at http://www.uninetsolutions.com or contact@uninetsolutions.com.

Timothy R. Butler

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