September 25, 2001

Open CASCADE offers three new modules for downloading

Author: JT Smith

Barbara Alvarado writes: "The Extended Data Exchange (XDE), Shape Healing and improved Sewing modules will be available for free downloading with Open CASCADE certified version 4.0, available in October 2001 at

Since data transfer between systems is critical to design productivity, these three modules will help users save time and obtain high-quality results when importing geometrical data and solid model attributes from many different types of applications.

Extended Data Exchange, broadens the definition of data supported by the IGES and STEP exchange standards within Open CASCADE. Shape Healing and Sewing enhance user productivity through the automatic correction and completion of imperfect or unsuitable data. These modules are extremely useful for developing data exchange applications for projects such as validating the exchange properties for CAD assembly parts or importing model data from different systems into a chain that integrates CAD models with simulation software."

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