August 4, 2002

Open challenge to developers and organisations

Jussi Kallioniemi writes: calls programmers to publish their âspare-time codeâ
for everyones pleasure, and challenges organisations to seek an answer to their information technology related problems by using open source methods. is a continual, quarterly challenge for programmers, founded in July 2002.

An open market place for opensource problems and solutions

"I know that many programmers code programs to help their daily life, or write them just for fun. Often these creations are left hanging in the corner of harddrives, even when they could be useful to other people. With my contest I try to make it more fun and interesting to publish also this kind of software", Jussi Kallioniemi, founder of OpenChallenge says.

All the entries submitted to OpenChallenge are published under open source
principles and licenses. Therefore they can be utilised and further developed by anyone without expensive and cumbersome licensing issues.

"The other and equally interesting part of OpenChallenge is, that individuals and organisations can use the site to seek an answer to their information technology related problems. Imagine company X that has interest in providing an open interface to device Y. If they publish this need and its specifications through OpenChallenge, they get exactly what they want: the solution, publicity and goodwill. I believe that we are constantly moving to this direction, just have a look at the Open Mobile Alliance for example", Kallioniemi adds.

Kallioniemi's work is backed up by the "nerd" shop, selling "Stuff for Smart Masses". In addition to Kallioniemi, the advisory board of selecting the winning solutions, includes also the founder of - a pioneer in massively parallel distributed computing - David "Nugget" McNett and Mikko Hyppönen - the head of research at the information security company F-Secure Corporation.

The winner of the first challenge was published in July. James Yonan won the prize with OpenVPN - an opensource based virtual private network (VPN) daemon. The next winner will be announced in October.


Jussi Kallioniemi


  • C/C++
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