March 5, 2002

Open clustering center launches in Europe

Author: JT Smith

James Chivers writes:
"Open Clustering is a new division of Psi-Domain - initiated to provide high-performance computing (HPC), high-availability computing (HAC) and custom solutions based on a synergy of rock-solid hardware and leading software technologies to fully encompass client requirements."

"Our team have been extremely successful in the provision of clusters to the UK Linux market for over two years. We have accumulated a great knowledge on how to properly capture clustering requirements, specify project constraints, avoid deployment issues and provide timely delivery - we know how to do it right - and that is very important to our clients.", commented Mr James Chivers, Psi-Domain's Technical Director and Founder.

"The launch of Open Clustering is the next natural step for our organisation as we look to broaden our dominance in the UK and European Linux hardware market. We surveyed our existing clients who agreed that a division specifically tailored to providing these solutions, offering undiluted attention to their requirements would be a much welcomed initiative.", explained Mr Chivers.

Open Clustering's flagship product is the Samurai Blade Server - designed for accommodating up to 20 server blades within one 3U chassis. That means a 42U rackmount cabinet can contain up to 280 servers.

By installing server blades with 1.2GHz CPU and Gigabit LAN, the whole rack can draw out more than 336GHz of aggregated computing power and 588Gbps of aggregated network throughput.

Research firm IDC suggest that the world-wide forecast for rack-optimised Intel architecture servers will hit approximately 8.5million units by 2004, up from 6million this year, and 5million in 2001. A conservative projection based on IDC data, forecasts an 80% increase in server blade shipments from approximately 200,000 this year to 1million in 2004.

"Open Clustering's Samurai Blade Server product is positioned squarely at the high-density clustering market - and offers what we believe the best of breed solution in its field.", explained Mr Chivers. "It's highly modularised component base, unique KVM daisy chain system, hot-swap blades, power and fan modules and PCI card expansion will make this product a runaway success".

It is certainly suited for the intensive computing and communication applications of nowadays. The Samurai Blade Server is not only significant in its superior overall performance, but it also performs excellently in the aspect of power consumption, with each server only consuming less than 50 watts.

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