December 8, 2006

Open Country Announces OCM Provision 4.0

Sharon Smith writes "OCM™ Provision 4.0 Adds Windows Provisioning, Cloning and Disaster Recovery to Open Country Linux Product Line

Flexible, Reliable Provisioning, Cloning and Disaster Recovery For Windows, Linux and Mixed Windows/Linux Computing Environments

BELMONT, CA – December 8, 2006 – Open Country, a next-generation systems management software company, today announced the release of OCM™ Provision 4.0, the latest version of Open Country’s comprehensive provisioning solution. Among its many enhancements, OCM Provision 4.0 can remotely install the Windows™ operating system, create clones of Windows and Linux systems and significantly improve business continuity with its new disaster recovery capability. Targeting Windows-only, Linux-only and mixed Windows/Linux environments, OCM Provision 4.0 allows IT personnel to simultaneously provision thousands of Linux and Windows desktops, servers, blades and appliances.

OCM Provision 4.0, a component of Open Country’s award-winning OCM Universal Systems Management Suite that can also be purchased separately, is the most flexible system provisioning, cloning and business continuity solution on the market today. Running on both Windows and Linux, OCM Provision can perform both native installations and cloning installations of Windows Vista™, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows 2000, in addition to more than 20 Linux distributions including offerings from Red Hat, Novell, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Asianux, Red Flag, Haansoft, Co-Create, CS2C, Miracle Linux, Turbolinux, and Mandriva.

“Open Country recognizes that organizations today need to support a wide range of systems. We've always offered our customers the widest choice in the industry for Linux systems management solutions, and we have expanded our solution to offer Windows-based provisioning and cloning as well,” said Laurent Gharda, CEO of Open Country. “We now offer the most comprehensive provisioning, cloning and disaster recovery solution in the industry.”

Error-Free Configuration and Deployment
OCM Provision is the ideal solution for system builders (VARs, integrators, appliance builders, and OEMs) because it offers both hardware-independent OS installation capability as well as cloning for the rapid deployment of complete system images to identical hardware.

“OCM Provision allows me to more efficiently provision both Windows and Linux configurations for my customers from a single tool, saving time and money,” said Arvind Bhargava, CEO of ASA Computers, a leading supplier of Linux and Windows systems in Silicon Valley. “With OCM Provision’s support for stored profiles, I can save all my customers' custom configurations for both their Linux and Windows systems, including installing custom applications, and deliver a system ready to go in minutes.”

OCM Provision makes hardware and software testing and QA labs more cost effective by facilitating the rapid repurposing of physical and virtualized environments, and allowing for tested configurations to be captured and redeployed at a later time, reducing labor costs and elapsed time to repurpose an entire lab.

Corporate IT departments also face increasing challenges when it comes to configuring and deploying new systems in a distributed environment. Having a deployment solution in place that enables administrators to use a standard configuration for a new PC or server can decrease errors and support costs significantly. OCM Provision 4.0 enables network-based, bare-metal provisioning of target systems, rapidly and consistently.

Choices of Disaster Recovery Solutions
System downtime can cost thousands of dollars an hour. OCM Provision 4.0 provides key features for system recovery that minimize downtime. With OCM Provision 4.0, systems administrators can quickly and easily create exact disk images (clones), including operating systems, applications, and configurations and store them off premises. After a system crash, OCM Provision 4.0 can be used to perform a full bare-metal system restore from an image or install the operating system onto replacement hardware. Combined with OCM Webmin Plus’ enterprise grade backup and restore capability, Open Country offers the most comprehensive business continuity solution on the market today.

About Open Country:
Open Country helps organizations significantly simplify the deployment and management of Linux and Windows systems. Open Country's OCM Universal Systems Management Suite won the 2006 Linux Journal Product Excellence Award for Best Systems Management Solution. OCM empowers in-house IT staff as well as off-premises service providers to provision, manage, update and monitor systems in a highly reliable and repeatable way. OCM’s unique capabilities include solution stack creation and deployment, allowing domain experts to create working solutions that can then be leveraged across the organization. OCM supports the largest number of Linux distributions in the industry, eliminating "lock-in" to one software platform, and enabling customers to manage both open source and proprietary environments. Open Country is also the exclusive sponsor of the highly popular open source Webmin systems administration tool deployed on hundreds of thousands of systems. Open Country is based in Belmont, Calif., and can also be found at

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