November 10, 2003

Open Government Interoperability Standard

Anonymous Reader writes

"We organized
the Open Government Interoperability Working Group to establish an international
standard for software development in the public sector. Our program differs
from others in that we have developed a core application framework utilizing
open source software. Our initial development effort resulted in project leopard . Project leopard
provides the structure of a LAMP application famework made up of Linux, Apache,
MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python. See this article on Government
Computer News.

Our working group consists of members of Government, Industry, Publishing
and Academia. Our members have years of high profiles achievements. You can
read more about the working group under About Us.

Please utilize this site to discover our initiatives. We invite submissions
and proposals which we can incorporate into our standard making efforts.
We also welcome qualified applicates who wish to serve on this committee."


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