November 27, 2001

Open Sound System 3.9.6a announced

Author: JT Smith

"CULVER CITY, CA, November 26, 2001: 4Front Technologies is announcing the
availability of Open Sound SystemTM (OSS) version 3.9.6 for:..."
          Linux 2.2.x/2.4.x 
          FreeBSD 4.x 
          BSD/OS 4.x 
          Open BSD 2.x 
          NetBSD 1.5.x 
          SCO OSR5 
          UnixWare 7 
          OpenUNIX 8 
          Solaris 8 
          HPUX 11 
          VxWorks 5.4 
          AIX 4.x 

    OSS provides sound card drivers for most popular sound cards for the above
    operating systems. These drivers support digital audio, MIDI, Synthesizers and
    mixers found on sound cards. These sound drivers comply with the Open Sound
    System API specification. 

    OSS provides a user-friendly GUI which makes the installation of sound drivers
    and configuration of sound cards very simple. OSS supports over 250 brand name
    sound cards. OSS drivers provide automatic sound card detection, Plug-n-Play
    support, support for PCI audio soundcards and support for full duplex audio. 

    What's new in 3.9.6? 

          Volume control and VU level meters for 4Front's Virtual Mixer engine. 
          Number of Virtual Mixer and IMUX devices now configurable up to 48
          Support for Sound Blaster Audigy (Beta) 
          New SBLive! drivers 
               Full front/rear channel volume controls 
               4 channel equalizer 
               S/PDIF in/out/digital-cd playback via front/rear speakers 
               Volume controls for hardware channels (/dev/dspXX volume) 
               Record-as-you-play - capture playback channel in real-time 
               Volume controls for S/PDIF input/output with VU meters 
          SiS 7012 audio with 4 and 6 channel support including S/PDIF. 
          Intel 810/815/820/845 (ICH2/ICH3) S/PDIF-out and 4/6 channel support. 
          VIA VT8233 audio with multichannel output support. 
          Updated Envy24 drivers with support for Terratec EW88MT/Hoontech
          Virtual Mixer and Input Multiplexer drivers now support up to 48 channels. 
          CMedia CM8738 with 4/6 channel and S/PDIF in/out support 
          Updated National Semiconductor Geode (CS5530) driver 

    For more information and to download a free 7 day evaluation version, visit
    4Front's WWW site at 

    4Front is a privately held company with development facilities in California,
    Finland and Sweden. 4Front's main focus is on developing audio solutions for the
    UNIX, Linux and embedded Systems marketplace. 4Front is the developer of Open
    Sound System and is released under a BSD like license. Open Sound System has
    become the "de-facto" audio API that is now distributed with Linux and FreeBSD
    kernel sources and licensed by companies like SCO, Wind River Systems,
    Hewlett Packard and endorsed by SUN Microsystems. 

    Open Sound System provides a cross-platform audio API with device drivers for
    over 250 brand name sound cards from vendors like Creative Labs, Yamaha,
    Cirrus Logic, MIDIMan, ESS Technologies, CMedia and others. More information
    on Open Sound System and 4Front Technologies is available at 

    4Front Technologies is also the developer of X MultiMedia System (XMMS)
    XMMS is developed by 4Front Technologies under the GNU Public License
    (GPL) and has a large world-wide developer base that contributes plugins and
    enahancements. XMMS is a cross platform multimedia player that support MP3,
    Ogg, Wave, CD, MOD, MIDI, and digital audio and Mpeg1, AVI, Mpeg2 video
    formats. XMMS is distributed with all the major Linux and FreeBSD distributions. It
    has become the de-facto media player and has won world-wide acclaim as being
    one of the best media players for UNIX and Linux. XMMS has won numerous
    awards from Slashdot, Linux Magazine, Linux Journal and others. More
    information on XMMS is available at 

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    All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.
    Open Sound System is a trademark of 4Front Technologies.
    Copyright © 1996-2001, 4Front Technologies, All Rights Reserved.

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    4035 Lafayette Place, Unit F
    Culver City, CA 90232

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