June 7, 2004

Open Source and Visible Source

Last year I wrote about my visit to Zope, where I sat in on a training session for Z4I (Zope4Intranets), a commercial product that's layered on top of
the open source Zope platform. Z4I is a toolkit for portal construction and content management. At the session, I met George Mengelberg, digital
production engineer at the Joint Intelligence Center Pacific (JICPAC), a Department of Defense organization that chose Z4I over the likes of
Documentum or Stellent. The big content management solutions can cost up to a million bucks, Mengelberg notes, not including the inevitable
customization. As a taxpayer, I was glad to know that JICPAC had embraced a little-known product that it judged would meet its requirements as well,
if not better, than a higher profile and much more expensive solution.

Link: infoworld.com


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