August 28, 2004

Open Source Architecture Implementation Platform

Malcolm Evans writes: Software construction innovators Wilde Technologies have announced the Open Source launch of their new Architectural Implementation platform.The award winning Dublin based company is targeting its OSCAR (Open Source Component Application Runtime) technology at architects, systems engineers and researchers who wish to explore loosely coupled IT architectures.
OSCAR is unique in using UML to drive both the assembly and the execution of component software systems, aiming for more flexible and more easily maintained software systems.
Industry Analysts have heralded Wilde's potential to open up new possibities for the construction of more effective and more efficient enterprise level IT systems.
Says Wilde Founder Stephen Barrett, "In our view both Model Driven Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture, which are hugely in the news, need a lot of new, creative input.
OSCAR offers an evolved take on MDA and helps facilitate the drive for collaborative architectures. The Open Source route will allow us to access world wide contributions in these important areas.
Released under the GNU GPL Licence, OSCAR currently executes on Windows via Microsoft.NET and on Unix flavours of.Net such as Mono.NET and Portable.Net.
The initial three stage release schedule, targeted at developing an independent community based open source project, involves immediate availability of the Wilde runtime system, the addition of a rich UML development environment in six weeks and support for Java component technologies such as J2EE being available by early 2005.

Link: Wilde Technologies


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