July 27, 2005

Open Source Birds of a Feather at Siggraph 2005

Sean Morrison writes "There will be an unprecedented number of Open-Source "Birds of a Feather" (BOF) sessions at the 2005 ACM Siggraph computer graphics conference, being held this year from 31 July to 4 August this year in Los Angeles, California. BOF sessions include the recently open-sourced BRL-CAD solid modeling CAD package, the Open Scene Graph 3D graphics toolkit, the CinePaint motion picture painting and retouching editor, the DIVERSE virtual reality toolkit, the OpenEXR high-dynamic range image library, several sessions for the Blender modeling and animation suite, and more. There will also be several Open-Source focused courses, papers, sketches, and an entire panel on the Open-Source movement and how it relates to the graphics community. This is looking to be an even more significant year for open source in the computer graphics community than last year."

Link: siggraph.org


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