October 1, 2013

An Open Source Bluetooth Shield for Arduino


Hereâs an application to control the brightness of an RGB LED strip wirelessly (via Bluetooth) using a smartphone. The whole project is presented in a dedicated Bluetooth  shield for Arduino and a RGB shield.


The Bluetooth Module

Youâll know already that the market is full of different Bluetooth modules: these modules are all based on different chipsets and, therefore, they require a different type of driver, they have a different number of pins with different functionality. On the other hand,  all can be both a server and a client supporting SPP (Serial Port Profile): the ability to emulate a serial RS232 port converting radio signals in both directions. Also, just like a with common serial port, they can be connected directly to a microcontroller via two wires (TX and RX) and are able to handle different communication speeds.


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