August 9, 2005

Open Source Consortium Evaluated

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "LinuxWorld, San Francisco, CA, USA ? August 9, 2005.
  ObjectWeb, an international nonprofit consortium of companies and research organizations who have joined forces to produce next-generation open source middleware, today announced that ObjectWeb is the only nonprofit organization to be evaluated in two reports published by Gartner (

  Although noncommercial, ObjectWeb meets the criteria required to be included in "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise-Scope Application Platform Suites, 3Q05" by Yefim V. Natis, Massimo Pezzini, Daryl C. Plummer, Cameron Haight, Kimihiko Iijima, July 20, 2005 and in "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Servers, 2Q05" by Yefim V. Natis, Massimo Pezzini, Kimihiko Iijima, April 15, 2005.

  ObjectWeb's roster of production ready components and platforms includes an application server certified compliant with J2EE(tm) 1.4 (JOnAS), a Java(tm) enterprise portal (eXo Platform) and a suite of integration components for messaging/routing (Joram), data transformation and presentation (XQuark, Presentation Server), workflow and orchestration (Shark, Bonita).

  "Twenty-eight actors are spotted on the EAS Magic Quadrant. ObjectWeb is the only nonprofit one. It's a pride for us and for our members. But it's also a milestone in the history of middleware commoditization," explained Christophe Ney, ObjectWeb?s executive director. "A nonprofit such as ObjectWeb cannot be rated on the basis of its revenue or market share. What makes ObjectWeb comparable to commercial companies, including middleware giants, is the conjunction of high technical quality, of professional services provided by members in a competitive fashion and of significant economic impact at the ecosystem level. We are no longer talking of a community of individuals. We are talking of a wide collaboration between legal entities. This is unique in the world of open source middleware."

  ObjectWeb promotes a professional, collaborative and business friendly approach to the development of open source middleware. The members of the ecosystem set up distribution channels and provide professional services as required by mainstream enterprises. For users, the benefits combine control over cost as allowed by open source software and freedom of choice between service providers.

  In June 2004, ObjectWeb launched an "ESB initiative", a market-driven process intended to let vendors build offerings relating to business integration and based on open source middleware. The recently incepted Celtix project, led by Iona, aims at delivering core technologies for an open source Java enterprise service bus (ESB). ObjectWeb is at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo with a presentation titled "Middleware the open source way: technical superiority and business opportunities for the digital age" by François Letellier on August 9, 2005 and booth #2056 in the .org pavilion.

  About ObjectWeb
  Founded in 2002 by Bull, France Telecom and INRIA, ObjectWeb is a consortium of leading companies and research organizations from around the world who have joined forces to produce next generation of Open Source Middleware. ObjectWeb's goal is to provide Real-Time Enterprises with independent solutions which combine quality and robustness at the best possible performance/cost ratio. ObjectWeb targets alternative solutions to proprietary products for e-business, business integration, data connectivity, grid computing, and enterprise messaging. Based on Open Standards, ObjectWeb's middleware includes application servers, components, frameworks and tools. Examples of ObjectWeb's "cost killer" middleware are JOnAS - an Open Source certified implementation of the J2EE specification, JORAM - a Message Oriented Middleware and Enhydra - a Java/XML Application Server.

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