Open Source CRM Software “TurquoiseCRM” Re

Abdullah Altinkaya writes “We are pleased to notify enterprise software community about the release of a compact, light-weight and extendable Customer Relationship Management software called “Turquoise CRM”, under the General Public License (GNU). This software which has made its initial release is currently being hosted at at the URL given at the end of this press release. Interested parties can easily download the software, study its source code and use it for free.

The software takes its name from the beautiful greenish-blue color “turquoise” which is believed to instill calmness and grandeur. Turquoise CRM is developed in Turkey and the word turquoise is also the adjective for feminine “Turkish” in the French language.

This software is revolutionary in the sense that it aims at adding a business intelligence (BI) twist to the existing traditional CRM software market that is virtually littered by copy-cat database book-keeping applications. The developers of the software are interested in adding more features in the upcoming releases, such as mail client integration. Another key advantage of the software is that it has been developed using robust open source LAMP platform. Being cross-platform, the software can also be easily run on Windows, UNIX as well as Macintosh platforms.

The software has been written entirely in PHP, which is the most preferred programming platform in the browser based application market. Substantial documentation on how to deploy this software on an Apache HTTP Server has also been provided for free. Along with its source code, MySQL database files and other related files, the zipped software has a size of only 71 KB.”