Open Source Cross-platform Development Methods and Tools


Ultimately, I realized I wanted to develop software, and really wanted to develop in a native language where I had access to the hardware. At the time I used Linux as my main operating system, but also worked with people using Windows and Mac OS X on a regular basis. I wanted them to be able to use the software I developed, and didn’t want to write it three times. This was when I started aligning on a software stack, largely influenced by KDE and the opportunity I had to do a Google Summer of Code project with them. It is now about nine years since I did that Google Summer of Code project, and I am largely using the same stack with some additions/updates to facilitate collaborative, open source, cross-platform development.

C++ is a standardized language with a number of powerful open source compilers and many proprietary compilers that span everything from embedded systems to the biggest supercomputers on the planet. In my work, we regularly target both extremes of the spectrum as well as a lot of work in the desktop/laptop space.