October 7, 2005

Open Source Database Portal Launches

Anonymous Reader writes "Grenoble, France - October 3, 2005 - A new open source portal for databases, Continuent.org, officially launched today.

Continuent.org was launched to host a number of projects related to providing an open source solution for high availability and scalability that is fully database and application server agnostic. Its mission is to provide a deep framework for solving the issues of high availability and scalability often associated with databases and that can be used in a heterogeneous database environment or tailored to a specific database.

Continuent.org is currently backed by a team of eight full-time engineers who have a mission to create industrial quality open source technology and support its community. Current projects at Continuent.org include:

Sequoia: High availability middleware layer, core controller, JDBC driver, text management console, documentation and more. Sequoia is a continuation of the C-JDBC project (http://c-jdbc.objectweb.org./ As a result, the migration should be seamless to current users and contributors. Sequoia has had more than 50,000 downloads to date, with more than 30 active contributors and a mailing list of nearly 300 subscribers.
Hedera: A modular wrapping of group communications so that developers have more choices beyond JGroups. Other group communication libraries such as Appia will be available soon with Hedera.
Carob: A C++ client library and API that implements the Sequoia protocol with the controller and an ODBC driver for Sequoia
Oak: The Eclipse plug-in for management console functions
Among the newest open source additions at the site will be a C++ API and an ODBC driver for non-Java clients, as well as a powerful Eclipse plug-in for the management console. The core technology is also greatly improved with a complete redesign of transaction scheduling for a better write parallelism, along with an upcoming rewrite of documentation.

The Continuent portal is structured to offer top support infrastructure to the community. Continuent.org projects use a newer version of GForge and integrate JIRA for issue tracking. With JIRA, a more comfortable and flexible system, developers can watch the progress of issues, vote on their resolution and view the project roadmap.

Continuent also provides a much more flexible environment to initiate or host new projects related to the Sequoia technology. The site can easily host more external contributions or projects related to the technology.

Emmanuel Cecchet, project spokesperson commneted on the new portal, "Continuent.org is committed to supporting its technology and community. Our staff is actively developing new versions and adding significant value on our open source projects. We look forward to our continued collaboration with existing community members and encourage new members to join.

Continuent contributors have agreed to re-license the code under an Apache version 2 license. This will ease code re-use and facilitate contributions for every community member.

Continuent.org is open for additional contributions. To learn more or to support the community, please visit http://www.continuent.org./"

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