December 1, 2003

Open Source Desktop Technology Road Map

Navigating the myriad technologies that comprise the desktop (and palmtop) on open source systems is daunting to say the least, for newcomers of all
sorts, open source developers, developers in companies using the technologies internally, and commercial ISV's, and even difficult to navigate for
those immersed in open source systems on a day to day basis.

This document attempts to give a sketch of the names and relationships of these technologies and projects, and a glimpse into their status and
development. Some technologies have never proved themselves, and/or have been rendered obsolete by later development and are available primarily for
legacy code. This document attempts to clarify much of this natural evolution and market selection. Ultimately, some technologies become so rare as to
enable their interment into the strata of software history, and it can be important to know which technologies are in such a fossil state, or stuck in
the Labrea Tar Pits and possibly doomed to extinction, if not yet dead.



  • Open Source
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