Open-Source Directory helps get another license OSI certified


Author: JT Smith

Steve Mallett sends this along: “The Nethack license is the latest OSI approved license we’ve had a hand in,” states Steve Mallett, co-founder of Open-Source Directory (OSD).

OSD was also involved in getting the Sleepycat license added to the OSI list of approved licenses. “We’ve been in public operation for only two and half weeks. It’s very exciting for us to have had this kind of impact in the community. Licenses aren’t the sexiest thing in the world, but if it creates a viable option to go open vs. closed we’re all better for it,” he added.

Both the Sleepycat and Nethack licenses were sent to OSI for approval by their authors after discovering that these licenses were not on Open-Source Directory’s list of OSI approved licenses when registering their products on OSD.

OSD is currently in its first stage of growth: reaching developers to list their stable, open-source code on the site.

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