April 17, 2001

Open-Source Directory now lists Sleepycat Open Source license

Author: JT Smith

Steve Mallett writes: "Missing "Sleepycat License" found & added to list of certified Open-Source licenses.Moncton, Canada - April 16, 2001 - One week after launch, Open-Source Directory (OSD), is pleased to have had played a hand in the discovery of a forgotten open-source license: Sleepycat.

"In our first few days after our launch (www.opensourcedirectory.org) we had a strange email come in from the guys at 'Sleepycat Berkeley DB'", said Steve Mallett, cofounder of OSD. "It said that their license was approved years ago, but that it wasn't on our list." OSD only uses OSI certified licenses. After a few emails it was straighten out & the Sleepycat License was added to the official Open-Source Initiative list of licenses.

"It's very satisfying to have been in operation for a week & to have been a catalyst for the addition of a new license for developers to choose from," stated Mallett.

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