July 20, 2001

Open-Source Directory in XML format for all to use

Author: JT Smith

July 20th, 2001, Moncton, Canada -- Today, Open-Source Directory
is pleased to announce that the product information (without email address') for OSD's almost 400 registered
stable, open-source apps is now available in
"Since our launch last April (2001) we've had many authors and maintainers
register their apps with us; from well known desktop applications OpenOffice (Linux, Solaris, Win)
and Gnucleus (Win) to not as well known, but still very cool
clustering app MOSIX (Linux)", states
Steve Mallett co-founder of OSD. "Our first stage of growth was to increase the
number of apps to an acceptable level that its sheer activity feeds future
growth. Now that we're seeing growth come from products listed at OSD we're
focusing on our second stage of getting the product information out to
prospective open-source users."

With the database available in XML others can begin
to use the data for presentation on their own sites. "We're following the dmoz model", says Mallett. "Put the directory
information out there for any and everyone to use; not just at OSD. The chances
that people will try and use a stable, open-source application increases with
the amount of people/websites presenting it."

"I can personally envision a closed-source user discovering that 'Yes, you
can still ICQ in Linux!' or 'I can roll my own Linux Distro?
Cool!' from someone using OSD information on their website."

OSD's database of stable,
open-source apps is available in XML
and distributed under the GFDL in accordance with their Social

Open-Source Directory is a
community driven repository of
just stable, open-source applications. It was
launched in April of 2001.
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