June 6, 2006

open source e-mail archiving software introduced

steve simon writes "Lighthouse Technologies uses the open source revolution to help perfect e-mail retention software, a technology that has been dubbed as somewhat unreliable. The importance of saving e-mails and instant messages has become critical in legal battles, where these records are being used as evidence of wrongdoing or in some cases for exoneration. Lighthouse has introduced a completely open, turnkey system that captures ALL electronic communications (including e-mail, IMs, even faxes). And because the system is open, it allows the customer to fine-tune the retrieval process, something that has been a large problem with a 'closed' feature set in other retention technologies.


Lighthouse Global Technologies Introduces Electronic Communications Archiving Software to Aid in Compliance

STAMFORD, CT – Lighthouse Global Technologies, a key provider of digital archive solutions, introduces E-Trail Digital Archive, an open source-based, feature-rich archival system designed to capture electronic communications for regulatory compliance and internal policy enforcement. An easy-to-operate, turn-key solution, Lighthouse’s E-Trail Digital Archive uses any of three different methods—real-time capture, batch capture or backfilling from archive media—to capture email correspondence, instant messages, faxes, and other unstructured communication data within a corporate setting.

Lighthouse’s E-Trail Digital Archive leverages a user-friendly web interface to allow users to select communications based on any combination of sender(s), receiver(s), date/time windows, department codes, and keyword/phrases/regular expressions. The solution captures the information based on the designated criteria, storing a single copy of the message (and each of its associated attachments) to guarantee minimal storage usage. Users can quickly retrieve stored communications with dynamic searching functionalities that allow them to fine-tune search queries based on case sensitivity/insensitivity, external/internal/all communication filters, and Boolean operations on the sender/receiver fields. Advanced features of the solution include the ability to create scheduled and/or automated queries that greatly simplify common user activity.

Additional benefits of the E-Trail Digital Archive solution include:

* Enhanced regulatory compliance/litigation support
* Better internal policy control
* Reduced email server costs
* Enhanced client relationship management reporting

While E-Trail Digital Archive is scalable to any size organization, it has been specially engineered with small- to medium-sized enterprises in mind. “The affordability and ease-of-use offered by the E-Trail Digital Archive solution leaves no excuse for any organization to ignore its Sarbanes-Oxley obligations with respect to information archiving and retrieval,” said Arthur Riel, CTO of Lighthouse Global Technologies. “Legal and regulatory authorities have zero tolerance when it comes to a lack of document production in either regulatory investigations or civil litigation cases. E-Trail Digital Archive allows any business to archive and retrieve electronic communications so that they can address any and all regulatory, legal, or policy enforcement issues that may arise.”

Additional information about E-Trail Digital Archive or about Lighthouse Global Technologies in general can be found at www.ETrail-mail.com and www.LighthouseGT.com.

About Lighthouse Global Technologies

Lighthouse Global Technologies, a leading technology outsourcing firm with over 130 Senior IT resources specializing in compliance IT, financial services (front and back office), and wireless development announces the release of the latest version of its Electronic Communication Retention, Retrieval and Supervisory Solution: E-Trail Digital Archive. E-Trail Digital Archive supports organizations in their compliance with regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, NASD and NYSE."

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