Open Source Eases AT&T’s Technical Burden


At this week’s AT&T Spark event in San Francisco, where Amy Wheelus, vice president of Network Cloud at the carrier, explained that AT&T was an “open source-first shop.” 

AT&T’s embrace of the open source community was echoed by Wheelus’ colleague Catherine Lefèvre, associate vice president for Network Cloud and infrastructure at AT&T Labs, who said the carrier’s work with that ecosystem is very collaborative. 

…As part of a panel discussion tied to the open source topic, Arpit Joshipura, general manager for networking and orchestration at the Linux Foundation, said that while this new operating model is a big change for legacy telecom vendors, he also sees an opportunity in this upheaval for those traditional vendors to oversee actual deployments.

“There is an opportunity in the open source world for those traditional vendors to be systems integrators,” Joshipura said. He explained that those vendors have a long history of knowing exactly what telecom operators and networks need in terms of support and could lead in making “those open source projects more distributed and hardened for telecom.”

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