October 17, 2006

Open Source ERP Adempiere first release

Ramiro Vergara writes "Full Open Source compliance and Database independence, one step closer with Adempiere first release

Full Open Source Compliance and Database Independence are now one step closer for Open Source ERP project Adempiere (www.adempiere.org) with its first version released today, as scheduled. The Adempiere Bazaar as the project community call themselves also boasts of being independent of any commercial entity and thus does not lock in any business partner that uses this application. It provides a full stack of tutorials and documentations in its Wiki.

Adempiere 3.1 is a development release that includes the following main components:

        * Core 2.5.3b

        * Migration tool

        * Oracle XE support

        * Postgresql 8.1.4 support

        * Tango Icons based Facelifting

        * New Open Source pdf generator

        * Linux/PostgreSQL automatic installer

        * New graphical display for performance dashboard

        * Open Documentation accessible via Wiki

        * Adempiere Rebranding

Based on the components included in the release, Adempiere is now a complete Open Source solution without any proprietary software integrated to the product. "(This is a) first ever ‘Compiere’ Open Source ERP/CRM that is completely open and free.", Redhuan D Oon (red1), Adempiere's Project Leader pointed out.

Adempiere started in Source Forge on September 9th this year, as a friendly fork to Compiere ERP/CRM. Due to the later's reluctance in pursuing vigorously Database Independence as well as open tools and documentations, its bustling community went ahead in the form of this Adempiere.

As a development release, Adempiere 3.1 will be subsequentally improved and debugged with a goal of releasing a Production Release (Adempiere 3.2) soon."

Link: adempiere.org

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