March 4, 2002

Open Source ERP+CRM application gains momentum

Author: JT Smith

Jorg Janke writes, Compiere is the smart business solution for small-medium distribution and service enterprises worldwide, is the first Open Source project gaining momentum in the complex application space.

So far, Open Source projects were very successful in well-defined technical areas. A very common problem of Open Source business application projects were endless discussions about approach and priorities - and no releases.

Compiere changed this. Based on a advanced Java J2EE architecture and data dictionary, Compiere experienced over 150,000 downloads and an increasing active user base. As a result, Compiere is usually rated among the top ten projects in SourceForge.

Compiere provides integrated ERP and CRM functionality for small-medium companies worldwide and just released it's new release 2.4.2. For details see:

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