July 25, 2007

Open Source ETL Takes On Proprietary Intelligence

Author: JT Smith

Until recently the ETL market was comprised of proprietary vendors. In recent years, however, open source players like Pentaho, Talend and Apatar have started to make their play for a share of the lucrative market.

While there is certainly competition between the open source vendors themselves, the real target is to take share from the proprietary incumbents.

"I think most of the growth for open source data integration is really happening at the expense of traditional proprietary ETL, and with more and more organizations moving away from custom code and scripting for data integration to robust packaged tools like Pentaho Data Integration [Kettle] it's not as much about open source vendors fighting it out," Lance Walter, vice president of marketing at Pentaho, told internetnews.com.

Link: Open Source ETL Takes On Proprietary Intelligence

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