October 7, 2004

Open Source FPGA: worldwide forum in Delhi

Filippo Cattaneo writes "An impressive set of CTOs, CEOs, VCs, investment bankers, analysts etc.
from all over the world will meet in Delhi on Oct. 30 for a
forum on open source design systems
for FPGA reconfigurable semiconductors.

There will be two  panel

  • Re-configurable
    Semiconductors and EDA - Opening of the Black Box
  • Venture
    Capital: Revolution in Semiconductor Business Models

Speakers: Tsugio Makimoto (Sony),
Hermann Hauser (VC), Chris Hamlin (LSI Logic), Malcolm Penn (Future
Horizons),  Kevin Meyer
(Chartered Semiconductor), Vincent
Mooney III (CREST,  Georgia Tech),  Paolo Ienne (EPFL),  Bruce Huber (Broadview), James Chew (FVIG), Brian Curry (Intel), Rob Jelski (3i), Ted Vucurevich (Cadence),  M. K. Tsai (Mediatek), and possibly

Details at www.gospl.org
in the event registration area. The code is gospl2004."

Link: gospl.org


  • Open Source
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