January 25, 2006

Open Source general, cost and budget accounting

Fabien Pinckaers writes "The Tiny ERP developers team are proud to announce you they just released the new 3.2.0 major version of its open source management software: Tiny ERP.This version contains lots of new functionalities:

  • A new accounting module, which covers general, analytic and budgetary accounting. The interface for this module was inspired from the proprietary accounting software "Sage line 100" (with the "pack" and "pack+" options).
  • A much improved automated migration system
  • A module management system to upgrade existing modules or install extra modules (modules which are too specific are not shipped in the standard package)

The following modules were added:

  • automatic delivery cost computation,
  • scrum management (agile development system),
  • audit trail
  • Dairy product industry,
  • EDI handler,
  • Extended partner relations,
  • Carrier and delivery cost management,
  • integration with eZ publish (CMS, eCommerce)

Moreover, many major improvements were made to existing modules: improved the OpenOffice report system (which allows one to design reports in OpenOffice), production management, ...

partners network
grows at a very fast pace, with local partners in many new countries: France, Cameroon, Switzerland, Spain, Quebec (Canada), Argentina."

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