July 20, 2004

Open Source: Get With the Program

Open Source is changing the software industry. It will change it forever. There is no going back. Let's consider some statistics. A number of Open Source products are market leaders: Apache is the leading Web Server (Netcraft shows it having about 70% of market). Sendmail is the leading email server (a survey done in Oct 2001 showed Sendmail at 42% followed by Microsoft Exchange at 18% and Unix qmail at 17%). BIND is the dominant DNS product, servicing over 70% of all Internet domains. PHP is the leading Server-side Scripting Language. (in June 2002, PHP surpassed Microsoft's ASP, used by over 24% of the sites on the Internet). OpenSSH is the Internet's leading implementation of the SSH security protocol with 66.8% of the market. And of course there is Linux which is gradually becoming the dominant server OS.

Link: it-director.com


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