February 9, 2006

Open Source Grid Community Talks Data Management

Sharon Smith writes "In the February issue of the Globus Consortium Journal (www.globusconsortium.org/journal), open source Grid computing pioneers explain Grid's relevance to common enterprise data management requirements. "It's data management -- not mere compute horsepower -- that's capturing commercial interest in Grid today," says Greg Nawrocki, President of the Globus Consortium.

Other highlights for the February newsletter include:

* EMC's acquisition of Acxiom sparked commercial interest in Grid for data management issues. Univa (www.univa.com) CTO, Steve Tuecke explains.

* A technical leader in the open source virtualization community -- XenSource (www.xensource.com) CTO, Simon Crosby -- highlights synergies / differences between Grid and virtualization.

* The first GCJ podcast turns the spotlight on OGSA-DAI (data access and integration services), with an insider's view on its application to commercial data management issues, and its work to reconcile relational data in enterprise Grids.

* Carl Kesselman explains the duality between data and computing, and warns against the "false dichotomy" between data Grids and compute Grids.

* The Globus Consortium Journal gives the new book "Grid Computing for Developers" a read and reports back to the Grid community.

The Globus Consortium is a non-profit organization formed by global computing leaders (IBM, Intel, HP, Sun, Cisco, Nortel, Univa) who support the Globus Toolkit, the de facto standard for open source grid computing infrastructure."

Link: The Globus Consortium Journal

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