October 17, 2000

Open Source has a new icon, X-Tools

Author: JT Smith

Microcross, Inc. is announcing its first product offering, X-Tools, which debut at the 4th Annual Linux Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 11, 2000. X-Tools is comprised of 21 target microprocessor software development tool suites that come packaged on one CD-ROM distribution; it is open source and ready-to-run on Linux, Solaris, and Windows host operating systems. The X-Tools software development system features an operating system independent solution, complete with IDE and 21 C/C++ compiler, assembler tool suites, for building embedded computer systems supporting non-desktop applications (i.e., telecommunications equipment, transportation systems, Internet infrastructure, consumer electronics, control automation, aerospace systems, etc.).

Microcross manufactures open source GNU Cross Tools and provides professional support services to embedded computer system developers. The company's key product line is the X-Tools embedded software development system. For more information, please contact Microcross at www.microcross.com, via email to sales@microcross.com or by calling (478) 953-1907.

--Submitted by James Calvin

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