June 10, 2009

Open Source in Health Care IT

Article Source FOSSBazaar
June 10, 2009, 11:59 am

I just complete an analysis of 779 open source projects in the health care segment.Â¬â  Ten years ago, when the American Association of Family Physicians attempted to organize an open source EMR (electronic medical records) project, it never quite achieved the necessary momentum.Â¬â  Out of all the open source projects in the health care space, there were only 62 project releases in the year 2001.Â¬â  The open source community has come a long way since then âÃì there were 565 releases in 2008.Â¬â  There are about 30 projects dealing specifically with EMR/EHR and some of them are very large âÃì having 100+ contributors.

For more info, please see the press release: http://www.blackducksoftware.com/news/releases/2009-06-10
HereâÃôs the podcast: http://ducks.blackducksoftware.com/~webmedia/_Podcasts/BDS_Eran_Strod_6_...

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