February 25, 2003

Open Source Hits The Open Road - From Business 2.0

An anonymous reader writes "According to a new story on the Business 2.0 Web site, Linux operating system is increasingly being used to run mobile phones and PDAs. "But Linux-powered mobile devices will face stiff competition in an already crowded market. According to research firm IDC, one out of every two high-end mobile phones currently in use runs the Symbian operating system, which was developed by a consortium that includes Motorola, Nokia (NOK), and Sony Ericsson... After Symbian, Microsoft's operating system is the next most popular, claiming about 27 percent of the market for high-end phones, followed by PalmSource, with around 10 percent. For Linux to compete, it needs to offer the same level of diversity as Symbian -- different versions for different users..."

Link: business2.com


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