March 27, 2001

Open source innovators join ActiveState

Author: JT Smith

VANCOUVER, BC March 27, 2001 - ActiveState, the leader in open source
programming tools, announces the appointment of many of the top minds in
open source to its Technical
Advisory Board
. Joining the team is: Larry Wall, Brendan Eich, Guido
van Rossum, Rasmus Lerdorf, and Jon Udell.

âI enjoy working with ActiveState on Perl development. They really believe
in the Perl
philosophy âthereâs more than one way to do it.â Theyâre in the business of
enabling everyone to get the job done,â said Larry Wall, creator of Perl.

âPython has benefited from ActiveState's contributions to the community
such as ActivePython and Komodo, and their participation in the Python Software Foundation. I look forward to working with
them,â said Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python.

âActiveState has the vision and understanding of the Mozilla project. Itâs great to see an
organization with a language/tools focus developing with the Mozilla
framework,â stated Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and Architect for

âActiveStateâs efforts with Perl and Python make them well-suited to provide
similar products and services for PHP. Iâm pleased to assist them in their
future development,â commented Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP.

âIâve been using and writing about scripting languages for years and am
thrilled to see a critical mass of language inventors at ActiveState. The
knowledge transfer and synergies that will develop will be a great benefit
to the community. Iâm excited to be a part of this,â stated Jon Udell,
former executive editor Byte.

âActiveState has demonstrated insightfulness and leadership by integrating
and enhancing many open source technologies to create new products and new
programming environments, such as Komodo.
ActiveState's ability to recruit these thought leaders to its advisory board
clearly establishes the company as one of the most important players in high
level programming languages,â noted Michael Tiemann, CTO of Red Hat.

âThese language innovators have changed the face of technology with tens of
millions of people using their software. They will have a profound
collective influence on our emerging technologies and on our goal of making
open source languages more accessible to both casual programmers and the
business community,â said Dick Hardt, Founder & CEO of ActiveState.

About ActiveState
ActiveState is the leading provider of open source based programming
products and services for cross-platform development. ActiveState's key
technologies are Perl, the Internet's most popular programming language;
Python and Tcl, user-friendly scripting languages; PHP, the dynamic Web
programming language; and XSLT, the XML transformation language.
ActiveStateâs easy to use solutions improve programmer productivity and
offer seamless integration with other technologies.

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