February 17, 2006

Open Source Java Database One$DB v4.1 released

Rohit Malhotra writes "Keeping its long pending promise to release all features of Daffodil DB under the open source version One$DB, Daffodil Software is pleased to announce the release of One$DB v4.1.

The new version of the open source java database, One$DB has support for the following key features:

* Full-Text Search Support
* Encryption Support
* Backup & Restore
* Row Sets & XA-Resources

"With this release One$DB will further strengthen its position as the most feature rich and powerful open source java database available to the users." commented Sachin Garg, (Business Development Manager, Daffodil). "We hope to revive the community interest towards One$DB and would like to have their greater participation in the project" , he further added.

To learn more about One$DB and download the latest version please visit www.daffodildb.com"

Link: daffodildb.com

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