July 12, 2006

Open source Java DB boosts CA app's speed 10-fold

Ted Kenney writes "McObject has announced that the Wily Technology Division of CA (NYSE: CA) has adopted McObject’s open source, pure Java embedded database, Perst™, in the development of its enterprise application management solutions. Integrating the Perst database has enhanced the performance of Wily solutions while accelerating product development.

“We selected Perst to store real-time event data sent from remote agents, creating a valuable repository of application performance data for customers to access and analyze,” said Mark Addleman, senior technologist, Wily Technology division of CA. “Adding new functionality with Perst enabled us to shorten our development cycle and deliver a 10-fold increase in data storage performance.”

Organizations deploy solutions from CA’s Wily Technology Division to monitor complex Web applications 24x7 in production environments and detect problems before they impact customers and end-users. Wily solutions provide comprehensive end-to-end transaction visibility and diagnostic capabilities across a company’s entire IT infrastructure, including applications, application servers, Web servers, databases, messaging middleware and other systems.

Perst enabled Wily to develop application management solutions that can monitor as many as 1.2 million metrics from complex, high-volume web applications.

Wily develops many of its enterprise application management solutions in Java, which lends the technological advantage of deploying easily on the diverse operating systems found in enterprises.

Developed entirely in Java (though a C# version was soon added), Perst runs in any environment with a Java Virtual Machine. Open and freely available source code (see www.mcobject.com/perst) enables users to optimize Perst in all environments.

Perst is McObject’s high-performance object-oriented, open source embedded database for Java and C#, and is tightly integrated with these programming languages. In contrast to object-relational databases, or tools that provide object-relational mapping, Perst stores data directly in Java/C# objects. This eliminates the need for expensive (in performance terms) runtime conversions between representations of the data.

Perst requires no dedicated compiler or pre-processor, yet provides a high degree of application transparency. The Perst API is convenient, flexible and easy-to-use. Perst also offers a very small footprint. The engine’s core is just 5,000 lines of code, and the run-time requires between 30K and 300K of RAM. Perst requires no end-user administration, and despite its simplicity, Perst ensures integrity via transactions that adhere to the “ACID” properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) with very fast recovery."

Link: mcobject.com

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